Lady’s Slipper

This beautiful mountain reserve is the property of the Mountain Club of South Africa. The rocky peaks, pristine fynbos and magnificent quartzite outcrops are sure to impress. It is the easternmost extent of mountain fynbos.

Formosa Hut

In 1960 the club entered into an agreement with the then Department of Forestry to build a hut in the Lottering area. This picturesque hut below Peak Formosa in the Tsitsikammas serves as a basecamp when kloofing and has been the venue for many festivities. You must be a member of the Mountain Club of South Africa to visit this Hut

Cockscomb & T’Numqoua Cave

This beautiful mountain peak is the highest of Groot Winterhoek mountain range at 1758m. This mountainous MCSA property is a regular event on the club’s outings. There are various routes up the peak, all with some level of exposure. The breath-taking 360° view from the top looks down the Elands Valley to the east, Baviaans to the West and the Karoo to the North. On a clear day many of the other great peaks can be seen as far as Graaff Reinet.

T’Numqua (“Mountain of Mists”) cave is situated just north of Cockscomb peak at 1300m, equipped with a fireplace, water tank and long-drop, and offers special evenings next to this magnificent peak.

The Cockscomb and the kloofs leading North from it, such as Pinnacle and Momentum, has excellent climbing routes – both Traditional and Sport.

It was in 1950 while climbing Cockscomb via Waterfall cave that Dennis Moore conceived the idea of forming a club which became the Eastern Province Section of MCSA. Later in 1970 the club purchased its portion of the Cockscomb mountain.

Witte River – Baviaanskloof

The Witte river flows through Poortjies as you enter the Baviaanskloof Reserve from Patensie. This MCSA property is a pristine kloof in the Baviaans with crystal clear pools and one of the few remaining privately owned properties inside the Baviaanskloof Reserve.

In 1972 Gwen Skinner, a member of the Mountain Club, discovered and collected specimens of an unusual flowering bulb. These proved to be a new species endemic to the eastern Bavianskloof, and was named Cyrtanthus montanus in honour of the Mountain Club. And in August 1981 Witte River was purchased in order to protect the habitat of this rare plant.

Hoeree – Smutsberg, Kouga Mountains

In 2000 a servitude to the farm Hoeree was purchased which gave the club access to Smutsberg and the Kouga mountains. A high ground clearance vehicle is required to access the farm and 4×4 is necessary to reach Dial’s campsite.